ID Alerts is an integral component of breach solutions offered by Collinson.

If your personal or financial information is stolen as part of a data breach you will want reassurance that your details are protected. ID Alerts monitors your credit bureau file, alerting you to any changes thereby allowing you to validate the change and mitigate the threat of identity fraud. We also provide expert support restoration assistance should you become a victim of identity fraud.

If you have experienced a breach and require identity theft protection, register with ID Alerts today.


Regardless of the scope or nature of a breach, a swift response is imperative to minimizing the effects on individuals, organizations and businesses.

The initial time between the breach and discovery of misuse (or fraud) can range from hours to years. Data breaches often pose an extended risk timeframe as data may be collected and collated over a longer period before it is used to commit a crime.

If your business is impacted by a data breach we are able to help you support your customers. We understand the significance of these incidents and are able to act quickly to help you minimise the potential threat.

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